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From here on in you will find lots of links to many different pages dealing with the Arts & Entertainment side of the supernatural. Such as, movies, music, pics and more. There will be lists and information available for all the top supernatural movies that are currently out there. There will also be lists and information about the best bands, albums and soundtracks out there as well. So enjoy the ride, because its sure to be a pretty thrilling one!!!


Watching movies I'm sure is one of everyones favourite things to do. They bring lots of enjoyment and entertainment to everybody's life. So here is a list of all the movies that I feel have a very strong and powerful supernatural presence to them. All of the movies listed below are my own personal favourites, that have some sort of realism to them. You will not see any chessy slasher flicks here. I strongly suggest you go out and see these movies if you have not already

Top 10 Best Supernatural/Horror:

10) The Exorcism of Emily Rose


Synopsis: In an extremely rare decision, the Catholic Church officially recognized the demonic possession of a 19-year-old college freshman. A lawyer takes on a negligent homicide case involving a priest who performed the exorcism that resulted in the girl's death.
Starring: Laura Linney, Campbell Scott & Tom Wilkinson
Released: 2005

9) The Changeling


Synopsis: Well told horror story with Scott playing the role of a widower music teacher. After the death of his wife, he moves to Seattle in hopes of starting a new life in a grand old mansion. Unfortunately, his new home turns out to be haunted by the troublesome ghost of a murdered child bent on revenge after 70 years of torment.
Starring: George C. Scott, Melvyn Douglas & Trish Van Devere
Released: 1979

8) The Shining


Synopsis: Frustrated writer Jack Torrance takes a job as the winter caretaker at the ominous, mountain-locked Overlook Hotel so that he can write in peace. When he arrives there with his wife and son, they learn that the previous caretaker had gone mad. Slowly Jack becomes possessed by the evil, demonic presence in the hotel.
Starring: Jack Nicholson & Shelley Duvall
Released: 1980

7) The Blair Witch Project/Book of Shadows:BW2


Synopsis: Three film students set out into the Black Hills Forest to make a documentary on the legendary Blair Witch. After wandering around the Black Hills Forest, they are cold, lost and hunted. Finally, one night after the last ray of light had left the forest black, they were never to be seen again. One year later, a bag full of their footage was found.
Starring: Heather Donahue, Joshua Leonard & Michael Williams
Released: 1999


Synopsis: Four tourists visit Burkittsville to see evidence of the original film. They join up with Jeff for his inaugural Blair Witch Hunt tour. When they wake up after a night of partying, most of their possessions have been destroyed and they are unable to account for a large block of time. As they piece together memories, inexplicable events, spiral to a terrifying climax.
Starring: Tristan Skylar, Jeffery Donovan, Kim Director & Erica Leerhsen
Released: 2000

6) Lost Souls


Synopsis: A modern thriller in which faith battles reason, Ryder plays a young woman who becomes aware of a conspiracy to enable the Devil to walk the earth in human form. To defeat the prophesy, she must convince a respected New York crime journalist, who is devoid of faith, that he is in fact the target of the conspiracy.
Starring: Winona Ryder & Ben Chaplin
Released: 2000

5) The Amityville Horror (2005/1979)


Synopsis: A real-life haunted house becomes a frontpage story in this tale of a family whose Long Island dream home becomes an oozing, horrific nightmare. The brutal murder of six people just one year previous causes the new tenants some restless nights, to say the least! Based on the "non-fiction" book by Jay Anson.
Starring: Ryan Reynolds & Melissa George
Released: 2005 (1979)

4) Stir of Echoes


Synopsis: Tom is hypnotized at a party and begins seeing the ghost of a neighborhood girl murdered years before. He comes to the discovery that he is a Receiver, one who is able to see spirits. Now in possession of knowledge he never wanted to know, Tom struggles through his daily existence plagued by these newly-acquired supernatural visions while attempting to retain his sanity.
Starring: Kevin Bacon
Released: 1999

3) Stigmata


Synopsis: When a young woman becomes the focus of brutal assaults by an unseen attacker, the spiritual implications of the incidents drive a Vatican official to send a priest to investigate. Upon witnessing her affliction firsthand, the priest becomes more concerned with saving her life than debunking her claims.
Starring: Patricia Arquette, Gabriel Byrne & Jonathan Pryce
Released: 1999

2) The Sixth Sense


Synopsis: A boy is haunted by a dark secret: He can see dead people. Confused by his paranormal powers, he is terrified to tell anyone, except for a child psychologist. As the doctor tries to uncover the truth about his supernatural abilities, the consequence for both awakens them to something harrowing and unexplainable.
Starring: Bruce Willis & Haley Joel Osment
Released: 1999 

1) The Exorcist


Synopsis: A girl is possessed by the devil. Her mother realizes the supernatural nature of her daughter's condition and resorts to a religious solution, turning to a priest for an exorcism. Aided by the mysterious Jesuit exorcist, he must confront not only supernatural phenomena but also his own inadequate faith and displaced guilt over his mother's recent death.
Starring:  Linda Blair, Ellen Burstyn, Jason Miller & Max Von Sydow
Released: 1973

Honourable Mentions:
  • The Others
  • The Mothman Prophecies
  • Dark Water
  • The Skeleton Key
  • Darkness
  • White Noise
  • Hide and Seek
  • Secret Window

Worth A Look:
  • The St. Francisville Experiment
  • Dominion: Prequel To The Exorcist
  • Exorcist: The Beginning
  • Bless The Child
  • Dragonfly 
  • What Lies Beneath
  • End of Days
  • House of 1000 Corpses
  • Devil's Advocate


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